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Effect of Dietary Clove Essential Oil on Poultry Meat Quality

P. Hernández, V. Juste, C. Zomeño, J. R. Moreno, P. Peñalver.


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of clove essential oil dietary supplementation on the meat quality of broilers. A total of 120 animals were used in this experiment. During the final stage of fattening, half of the animals were fed with an experimental diet enriched with 100 ppm of the aromatic product containing clove essential oil and the other half with a control diet. Animals were slaughtered at the same age. Thighs and breasts were packed in trays with modified atmosphere and kept at 4ºC for 8 and 10 days. There was no effect of the dietary supplementation with clove essential oil on the lipid content and the fatty acid profile of breast and thigh meat. There was only a small decrease in the percentage of linolenic acid in the thigh meat of the experimental group. Oxidation was not affected by clove essential oil dietary supplementation. Instrumental texture was evaluated in chicken breasts. No differences were observed between the control and experimental group in shear force and firmness, although the total area or work required to complete the shearing of the sample was smaller in the experimental group. Microbiological quality was not affected by experimental treatment. Our results suggest that dietary supplementation with clove essential oil as a growth promoter does not negatively affect chicken meat quality.

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