Plantas medicinales: historias y nombres. De Dioscórides a Font Quer - Sandra Moser.

ISBN: 978-84-941207-0-1

Lidervet has found in Sandra Moser's thesis project a good opportunity to publish a new book as a continuation of the series started in 2005. This time, Sandra Moser, a Spanish-Arabic Graduated, who lectures at the University of Geneva, explains the origins of the names of twelve plants, basing her observations on a range of works from 'Materia Medica' by Dioscorides to 'Plantas Medicinales, el Dioscórides renovado' (1961) by Pío Font Quer, a book which continues to be a reference today, since it is one of the best written accounts of medicinal botany.

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The author says "…many of the plants that surround us hide, in the secret of how they were constituted, precious virtues ... "; and with contagious enthusiasm, she explains in this book the close ties we have had with these plants since ancient times, focusing on aspects related to health, medicine or food, and combining them with linguistics and creativity. Thanks to her academic background, the writer introduces us to nomenclature and terminology, and provides historical and scientific information, which has resulted from a huge amount of research in popular nomenclature and medicinal studies.

After choosing plants that are well-known, she shows how to see them in a different and fascinating way, inviting us to get to know them better and highlighting the details that go unnoticed to the untrained eye, with the intention of strengthening the bonds that have always existed between plants and man. And finally, there is an annex at the back of the book with a compendium of culinary and medical recipes related to the plants covered in this book.

We believe you will enjoy reading this rigorous book, which we hope you find entertaining and pleasurable to read.