Philosophy and values

The Mission as a company

LIDERVET is committed to investigating and promoting research into additives for animal feed (feed, premixes and liquid) in order to optimize the results in animal health and growth, with the main aim of ensuring a cost-effective business for our customers.

Vision of the company

We would like LIDERVET to be a leading company for natural feed additives in Europe, and that it will globally promote research and development in additives for the animal feed sectors, becoming a reference in this field. In short, the hope is to conduct research to create relevant knowledge in the field of natural additives, so as to enrich the debate on these issues and contribute to a healthier, more profitable and environmentally sustainable animal feed.

Values that root us


Integrity and honesty.


Nature must be protected. In order to do this, we will always work with ecological products, combined with our energy efficiency programme.


Our customers and co-workers are our best partners.


Research, innovation and respect for the environment are the reasons why we exist.