In vivo assays with natural promoters

Promofeed EE in the carcass yield of the broiler

Material and methods

A total of 800 Ross broilers were distributed in 2 randomly homogeneous groups. Group A (compound feed supplemented with Avilamycin 10 ppm) and Group B (compound feed added with Promofeed 100 ppm). At 45 days of life, broilers were slaughtered and internal portions were quartered.


The next two tables summarized the quartering according to the sex and treatment.

72 male chickens were homogeneously housed in cages (24 birds per cage) and the same for the females, and with the following results.

Abbreviations: H+C+N = Head + Carcass + Neck. G+L = Gizzard + Liver.


Birds fed with Promofeed had greater growth of the noble parts (breast and thigh) compared to the ones fed with avilamycin, even though the growth percentage is higher in males than in females (3.21% versus 1.35%). When the noble parts percentage increased, the percentage of the other cuts decreased (-5.98% in males and -2.12% in females), as well as the % of skin and the rest (-3.79% in males and -4.67% in females).The mean weight increased 9.78% in males and 2.35% in females with Promofeed compared to avilamycin.

A whole quartering (males and females) was also performed. The results were in-between both sexes, but always better in animals treated with Promofeed EE.