Policy of quality and service


Lidervet was born having a vocation for being a centre for the investigation and development of animal feed additives based on natural products, as an alternative to the antibiotic growth promoters (AGP), and where we seek, apart from the animals' health, the respect for the environment and the quality of the final food. The commercial activity we do is then to finance our investigation projects.

R + D + i

In Lidervet we promote or involve ourselves in projects and/or publications that might help the market to better understand the potential properties of the products obtained from natural sources.

In this line, Lidervet does research in collaboration with universities, official investigation centres and our suppliers and customers, by developing new alternatives which could substitute additives which are presently being questioned. Furthermore, it is hoped that our products will resolve problems or reduce costs in our customers' production processes, but at the same time also respecting rigorously the environment.