Moisture retriever



WM TF is used to stabilize water that is incorporated into the feed. The addition of stabilised water prevents the feed from fermenting. The emulsion of water with lipids in feed, prevents water evaporating during the production process.

It is advisable to use it, in order to stabilize the added water, in feed factories which have high wastage as a result of their manufacturing process, or due to environmental conditions caused by high temperature and low humidity.

WM TF incorporates ingredients which reduce the size of the particle in the lipids which are added to feed. One particle of oil is enveloped in water and this, in turn, is covered by oil, creating a stabilization of oil/water/oil.

Product data

Description : Non-ionic emulsifier for fats and oils used in animal feeding.
Characteristics: Appearance: Yellow liquid
Density: Approximately 930 gram/cm3
Solubility in water: Partially soluble
Stability and Storage: In accordance with good manufacturing and industrial storing practices. Stable under normal storage conditions.
Presentation: 1000 kg IBCs