Natural growth promoters

Promotores de crecimiento naturales

Natural growth promoters are based on essential oils, exclusively from natural origin, which are stabilized on an excipient of amorphous silica in order to obtain a product easily miscible with feed, and which is protected to prevent active ingredients from losing their attributes during the pelletizing process.

Their properties:

As an appetizer

The addition of these forementioned growth promoters to animal feed, at the recommended dose, does not give a strong scent to feed, but it does acquire a flavour which is very appealing for animals.

Enhances the digestion process

Their flavour stimulates animals to salivate more, and consequently speeds up enzymatic attack on the feed with greater effectiveness.

Using these natural growth promoters increases the production of enzymes and digestive juices throughout the digestive tract, thus favouring the biological process involved in digestion. Furthermore, the absorption of nutrients is improved, which results in a better use of the feed.

As an immune stimulant

Several assays have confirmed that by using our natural growth promoters, the organs which are involved in immunity are more developed, such as the bursa of Fabricius in birds, and the mesenteric ganglions and Peyer's patches in all the species.

Selection of digestive bacteria

This results in the production of more inert excreta, with lower ammonia and methane emission.