Technological Emulsifiers



LIDERTEC is used to stabilize fats in feed factories, preventing different types of lipids from separating into different layers.

Often, the specifications for buying fats are based on very general parameters, such as the moisture content, acidity, iodine value, peroxide, etc.. When a concrete type of fat, from a concrete origin, or concrete lipid profile are not stated, some suppliers usually mix different types of fats to meet the general specifications quoted above.

These fats are stored in a liquid form in tanks in feed factories to make their addition to the mixer easier. Often, and aided by heat, they separate into strata depending on their densities.

By using this emulsifier continuously, it prevents, over time, the accumulation of water and impurities at the bottom of tanks. Furthermore, it also avoids the costly cleaning of these tanks.

Product data

Descriptión : Non-ionic emulsifier for fats and oils used in animal feeding.
Characteristics: Appearance: Yellow liquid
Density: Approximately 1020 gr/cm3
Pouring point: -18ºC
Viscosity:20ºC 800 mPas a
Solubility in water: Partially soluble
Stability and Storage: In accordance with good manufacturing and industrial storing practices. Stable under normal storage conditions.
Presentation: 1000 kgs IBCs
Dosage: 3kg/Ton.