Technological Emulsifiers


LIDERTEC PIPE is used for cleaning pipes, nozzles and auxiliary fat tanks. The impurities from fats, deposited along the system, makes it difficult to clean and carry out the production operations in a clean and safe way. LIDERTEC PIPE is a great help in guaranteeing both the quality of the feed and food security established in your manufacturing processes, especially when fats are involved. Moreover, LIDERTEC PIPE aids you in the cleaning maintenance program for fat pipes, and therefore it helps you to fulfill the application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in your factory.

In addition, it also helps to maintain the fact injectors in working order, which means a more homogeneous addition of fats to feeds, as there is a smoother spraying of the fat added when added to feed.

Product data

Description : Non-ionic emulsifier for fats and oils, to be used in the maintenance and cleaning of fat pipes.
Characteristics: Appearance: Yellow liquid
Density: Approximately 930 gr/cm3
Solubility in water: Partially soluble
Stability and Storage: In accordance with good manufacturing and industrial storing practices. Stable under normal storage conditions.
Presentation: 1000 kg IBCs