Propionic and formic acid salts owe their activity to their capacity to liberate the acids from their salt states. These acids have the capacity to give up protons and preserve feed against moulds and bacteria.

The maximum activity of these acids is seen in their non dissociated form, because only in this form can they penetrate the cell wall, inhibit the synthesis of carbohydrates and alter the synthesis of the cell wall in the moulds. LIDERSALM only contains 4% dissociated acid, and as a result, its activity is the maximum.

If these acids are not neutralized they are dangerous to handle and cause irritation. LIDERSALM includes evanescent excipients which minimize the corrosive nature of these acids, making it easier for workers to handle. These excipients also create a film which protects metallic components in factories.

Product data

Description : Fast acting preservative for feed, and for storing products for less than three months. Short chain fatty acids and ingredients which contribute to attenuate corrosivity and improve the dispersion of the active components.
Characteristics: Appearance: White to beige powder
Density, 20ºC: Approximately 500 gram/cm3
Propionic content: 400 gram
Formic content: 35 gram
Stability and Storage: In accordance with good manufacturing and industrial storing practices. Use the product preferably before two years after manufacturing date. Once the bag is opened, keep it away from intense light and high temperatures.
Presentation: 25 kg bags on pallets of 1000 kg.
Dosage: It can be added to cereal or feed, at the dosage of 1 to 3 kg/Ton.