Natural growth promoters



has the same properties and efficacy as Promofeed EE, but it is specifically appropriate for rearing chickens.

The LIDERFEED line is manufactured using a microencapsulated system that allows the ingredients to be protected from high temperatures and humidity for a longer period of time.

Product data

Description : Zootechnical additive based on essential oils exclusively from natural origin and specific aromatic components for broiler production.
Characteristics: Appearance: Microgranulated
Colour: White
Density: Approximately 0,6 - 0,7
Humidity (Karl-Fisher): < 5%
Eugenol content: > 5%
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Stability and Storage: In accordance with good manufacturing and industrial storing practices. Use the product preferably before one year after the date of manufacture. Once the bag is opened, keep it away from intense light and high temperatures.
Presentation: 20 kg aluminium bags.
Dosage: 100 gram/Tm