Natural growth promoters



LIDERFEED SW is an aromatic product based on phytogenic active ingredients, which when added to swine feed, makes it tastier and easier to digest. Animals are attracted by both the smell and the better palatability.

The ingestion and mastication (the first process of digestion) takes place in the oral cavity which contains a high concentration of saliva. In that moment the enzymatic attack starts on the feed with better effectiveness because it improves the hydrolysis of carbohydrates. As it reaches the stomach in more simple forms, it is easier for the digestive juices to attack the feed, and the same happens in the next stages of the digestive process. Likewise it also increases the volume of all the secretions that flow into the digestive duct.

Besides the fragrance and the palatability, the ingredients included in Liderfeed SW, give properties such as:
  1. Protecting gastrointestinal mucosa. Prevents inflammations, and protects the mucosa against ulcerations in the digestive tract.
  2. Enhancing the use of the energy from the feed, because it improves the secretion of the enzymes which intervene in the digestive process.
  3. Making the absorption of nutrients easier, because it improves the hepatobile secretions.
  4. Improving the physiologism of the digestion, and therefore getting better results, faster growth, higher weight and better conversion rate.

Product data

Description : Aromatic product which adds flavour and is based on ground alimentary aromatic plants.
Characteristics: Appearance: Powder
Colour: Brown
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Stability and Storage: In accordance with good manufacturing and industrial storing practices. Use the product preferably before two years after the date of manufacture. Once the bag is opened, keep it away from intense light and high temperatures.
Presentation: 25 kg bags.
Dosage: Mixed in swine compound feed at the dosage of 250 to 1000 gram/Ton.