Natural growth promoters



is an aromatic product which manages, by selecting the ruminal flora, to lead the fermentation towards more efficient energetic processes. It obtains higher daily weight gains and better conversion rates. Furthermore:

1.- Inhibits the synthesis of acetic acid, which is the source of inefficient energetic processes.

2.- Increases the synthesis of propionic acid, which is the most efficient energetic source for ruminants.

3.- Promotes the synthesis of butyric acid, which is the energetic substrate for rumen cells.

4.- Inhibits peptidolysis, thus achieving greater efficiency and better conversion rate.

5.- Inhibits deamination of aminoacids, making AA highly available for the animal.

6.- Reduces methanogenesis. The synthesis of propionic acid removes hidrogenions from the ruminal media, which in combination with carbon dioxide, synthesizes methane.

7.- It has an anticoccidiosic action. By enhancing the animal's immune system, it is healthier, and expels parasites such as coccidia.

Product data

Description : Aromatic and flavouring product, based on essential oils exclusively from natural origin, stabilized in vegetal oil.
Characteristics: Appearance: Amorphous powder
Colour: Pale yellow
Density: Approximately 0,6 - 0,7
Humidity (Karl-Fisher): < 5%
Eugenol content: > 15%
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Stability and Storage: In accordance with good manufacturing and industrial storing practices. Use the product preferably before two years after the date of manufacture. Once the bag is opened, keep it away from intense light and high temperatures.
Presentation: 20 kg aluminium bags.
Dosage: Mixed in ruminant compound feed at the dosage of 200 gr/Ton.