Conceptos de Inmunidad: Niveles de organización del Sistema Inmunitario - Joan Martínez Guijarro

ISBN: 978-84-612-9450-3

The aim of this book is to strengthen the concepts on immunity, in an easy way, without pretensions and without assuming any previous knowledge. Our intention is to introduce this subject to students of health sciences, and at the same time, help others who may not have had any specific training on immunity to understand it more deeply, even though they have knowledge of the subject via their work environment, technical publications and congress papers.

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It is one of the few books published which begins with the basic knowledge at a cellular level, then continues to develop the subject, until reaching the assumed level of most books presently published on immunity. It is not the aim of the book to substitute others but rather to shed light on the major concepts on immunity.

This book has been written following the model of organisation levels, which allows us to understand the different elements separately, as well as the immune system as a whole. It has been organised in to seven chapters where, progressively, all the organisational structures of the immune system (organs, tissues, cells and molecules) are described; and finally, in one chapter all the systems are analysed together in order to explain the global immune response against the processes which try to destabilize the physiological balance of the organism.

As in our previous publications, we trust this book will serve as initiation into the world of immunity, by providing the reader a solid base on which to begin.