Buscando Información: los fundamentos y los instrumentos - Gema Duarte Abós

ISBN: 978-84-612-0287-4

Continuing with the line of didactic books that we are publishing from Lidervet, this book has been written with the aim of aiding the reader to obtain and consult scientific information from different sources which can be consulted. This book has been published to assist researchers in accessing available scientific information, either by traditional methods (making an application or personally), or via internet.

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As the means, the context, the volume, the distribution and the access to information are all growing and developing, this book offers a series of tools which allow us, in the clearest way, to access and select all kinds of information (scientific, in our case). Likewise, it helps us to surf the internet with greater agility, and to handle the information obtained better.

This is why this book is structured in two parts, printed in two different colours, for easier consultation: The first part, "Ciencia e Instrumentos", has been written for anybody who would like to discover more about this useful subject. This part describes the concepts and key fundamental aspects. The second part, "Práctica", is for anybody who only needs to find new resources in order to apply them as a user.

This work is intended to be both useful and beneficial for the reader. If this is the case, then we will have achieved our objective.