Aromaterapia – Pedro Peñalver Conesa

ISBN: 978-84-609-7660-2

This book has been written in the easiest form possible to justify everything which is stated. It is divided in to two parts, general knowledge and description of plant essential oils. Both of them can be read separately. The descriptive part is only for whoever wants to know the applications of essential oils, and the other part for the people who furthermore want to learn the reasons for these applications.

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There are interesting appendixes, such as a Glossary of Medical Terms, which includes some that have fallen into disuse by the scientific community, but not for the aromatherapy practitioners. Another appendix helps to find the activity of an essential oil or a plant, or also to select a plant to treat a specific ailment. Finally, there is a summary of how plants can interact with drugs, which even though is very brief, is quite complete in comparison with what is known nowadays. You will also find recommended reading, etc.

Despite being a book for the general public, it could also be an instrument of reference for experts in concrete aspects. It is a book based on solid scientific knowledge and written with rigour, but at the same time in plain language which will help any reader to understand it.

Definitively, it is a basic book on aromatherapy, elemental but useful to discover this fascinating science which, in spite of demonstrating its effectiveness over centuries, it is still not known how most of their therapeutic activities function. It is written for those who enjoy reading and believe in aromatherapy; and for those who do not believe, to be convinced after reading it.